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Drain Repairs


 Welcome to Rapid Drains, where we offer professional drain repair services. Drains are a vital aspect of any property, but neglecting the maintenance can lead to inconveniences and costly repairs. Click here to learn more about our preventative maintenance tips and tricks. Our mission is to deliver reliable and efficient drain repair services, addressing issues like root intrusion, scale buildup, and damaged pipes. With cutting-edge techniques, we aim to restore your drains, ensuring a safe and efficient space for your home or business.

We’re committed to maintaining the health and functionality of your drainage systems, providing lasting solutions for your peace of mind. Scroll down to view the array of drain repair services we offer.

Drain Root Cutting

Understanding Root Intrusion in Drain Systems 

Root intrusion poses a significant threat to drain systems, commonly occurring when tree roots infiltrate underground pipes seeking moisture and nutrients. As roots grow, they can infiltrate small cracks or joints in the pipes, causing blockages, structural damage, and even complete system failure. Left unchecked, root intrusion can lead to costly repairs and severe disruptions in drainage functionality.

Rapid Drains’ Specialised Root Cutting Techniques

At Rapid Drains, we employ specialised root cutting techniques designed to effectively address and eliminate root intrusion issues. Our team utilises advanced equipment and precision methods to locate and safely remove invading roots within the drainage system.

By employing these specialised techniques, we not only clear current blockages but also work to prevent further root growth, restoring the integrity and functionality of the pipes.


Pipe Descaling

Understanding Scale Buildup in Pipes and Its Consequences

Scale buildup in pipes occurs due to the accumulation of minerals, sediment, or other substances that adhere to the interior surfaces over time. This accumulation restricts water flow, leading to reduced water pressure and potentially causing blockages.

Moreover, scale buildup can diminish the pipe’s diameter, impacting the overall functionality of the plumbing system. Overlooking this issue may result in corrosion, leaks, and decreased efficiency, affecting the entire plumbing network’s performance.

Rapid Drains’ Pipe Descaling Methods

Rapid Drains employs advanced and eco-friendly pipe descaling methods to effectively address scale buildup within pipes. Our techniques involve utilising cutting-edge equipment and safe chemical solutions that break down and eliminate scale deposits without causing damage to the pipes.

Through a meticulous process, we remove the accumulated scale, restoring the pipes’ original diameter and flow capacity. Our approach not only eliminates current blockages but also prevents further corrosion, ensuring the sustained efficiency and longevity of your plumbing system.

Pipe Relining

Addressing Damaged Pipes with Efficient Solutions

Damaged pipes can disrupt the functionality of drainage systems, leading to leaks, reduced flow, and structural deterioration. Traditional methods of repairing damaged pipes often involve extensive excavation and replacement, causing inconvenience and higher costs.

At Rapid Drains, we understand the urgency of resolving damaged pipe issues efficiently. Pipe relining presents a cutting-edge solution that circumvents the need for invasive excavation. It involves the insertion of a specialised lining material into the damaged pipe, creating a durable, seamless barrier that restores the pipe’s integrity without the need for extensive digging.

Rapid Drains’ Innovative Pipe Relining Techniques

Rapid Drains employs state-of-the-art pipe relining techniques designed to restore and reinforce drain systems effectively.

Our process involves an in depth inspection to assess the extent of damage before implementing the relining procedure. This method not only restores the functionality of the pipes but also reinforces them, preventing future issues such as root intrusion or corrosion.

Our drain relining techniques offer a non-disruptive, cost-effective solution that restores pipes to optimal functionality while ensuring longevity and durability.

To learn more about our pipe relining services, visit our drain relining page.

Drain Repairs

Interceptor Trap Removal

Understanding the Significance of Interceptor Traps in Drain Systems

Interceptor traps play a crucial role in drain systems by capturing and retaining various substances and debris to prevent them from entering the main drainage lines. They are essential components, particularly in commercial or industrial settings, as they help prevent pollutants, grease, and solids from reaching public sewer lines.

Neglecting interceptor traps can result in contamination, potential environmental hazards, and legal implications. Regular maintenance and timely removal are vital to ensure these traps function effectively in preserving environmental integrity.

Rapid Drains’ Expertise in Safe and Efficient Interceptor Trap Removal

At Rapid Drains, we specialise in the safe and efficient removal of interceptor traps. Our trained professionals utilise industry-compliant methods and equipment to handle interceptor trap maintenance and removal with precision and safety.

We understand the complexities involved and ensure that the removal process is executed meticulously to prevent any spillage or environmental risks.

Timely removal of accumulated debris and substances from interceptor traps not only ensures compliance with regulations but also prevents clogs, foul odours, and potential environmental damage, ensuring the sustained functionality of your drain system.


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Rapid Drains use the latest technology to unblock your drains and pipes in. We have the latest CCTV cameras to perform surveys and assess problems.

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Rapid Drains work round the clock all year to fix your emergencies. 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and we can usually be with you within the hour.

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Rapid Drains employs drainage experts who are on hand to offer the best advice and assistance. We are always happy to help so get in touch!

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Rapid Drains will fix any domestic or commercial drainage problem at competitve rates and prices. No call out fees!

OUR TEAMDomestic and Commercial Drain Specialists

Rapid Drains offer a 24/7 emergency service. We have engineers in your area ready to unblock your drain or fix any plumbing issues so your day can return to normal with minimal fuss. If you require the services of a professional call Rapid Drains now on 0330 333 6199

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Common Causes Of Problems Within A Sewer Line

24/7 Emergency Drainage services


How long does a typical drain repair service take?

The duration of our drain repair services varies based on the specific issue’s complexity and severity. While minor repairs may take a few hours, more extensive repairs or relining processes might require a day or more. Our team will provide an estimated timeline after a thorough assessment of the situation.

What are the signs that indicate I might have a drainage issue?

Common signs of drainage issues include slow drainage, gurgling sounds from pipes, foul odours, water backups, or pooling water in sinks or drains. If you notice any of these signs, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance to prevent further damage.

Do you provide emergency drain repair services?

Yes, Rapid Drains offers emergency drain repair services for urgent situations such as severe blockages, burst pipes, or water backups. Contact our emergency hotline for immediate assistance.

Can I clean or maintain interceptor traps by myself?

Cleaning and maintaining interceptor traps involve advanced procedures and equipment. It’s advisable to hire trained professionals experienced in handling interceptor trap maintenance to ensure compliance with regulations and effective cleaning without causing environmental risks

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